Digital Live-Tour "Johannes Vermeer. On Reflection" (English)

Digital Live-Tour "Johannes Vermeer. On Reflection" (English)

Booking possible up to 30 min before the start of the tour
Duration: approx. 45 min
Format: virtual tour with art educator in English in a high-resolution 3D scan of the exhibition
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Digital Live-Tour „Johannes Vermeer. On reflection“

Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window” is one of the most famous works of Dutch Golden Age painting. The Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister presents it along with nine other paintings by Vermeer and a selection of around 50 works of Dutch genre painting in the largest Vermeer exhibition ever organised in Germany.

The works by the Delft painter, including “Woman in Blue Reading a Letter”, “Lady Standing at a Virginal” and “Woman Holding a Balance”, are accompanied by an exquisite selection of works of Dutch genre painting that illustrate relationships and interactions between the works of Vermeer and his contemporary artist colleagues.

We invite you to discover Vermeer and his artistic environment in the guided tours via video conference through the virtual exhibition.

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